Top 35 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World To Look At

Top 35 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World To Look At


To pick the best amongst the beautiful things from Mother Nature is like selecting one of the 5 elements we humans are made of. Now talking about Nature’s one of the most magnificent things – “flowers”, I don’t think there is something so elegant and peaceful on this earth.

If you were given a chance to pick the prettiest among the list of most beautiful flowers in the world, which one would you prefer? It might be too hard for you to pick one since every flower is beautiful on its own. Though there are many wonderful flowers in the world, today I am going to list you the top 35. If you know any other flower prettier than these, feel free to tell us through comments.

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35 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Have you heard this saying – “Flowers are one of the sweetest gifts ever made by god & forgot to drop a soul in it”…?  Even though there are different types of flowers in the world, I am going to list you few best ones known for its beauty. I will start listing the pictures of beautiful flowers in reverse chronological order, so that you will be curious to see, which occupied the top positions. However, if you cannot wait to see, which flower has topped my list, just scroll down and click the last page…

35. Daffodils

prettiest flowers in the world

Daffodils are usually long stemmed, golden-yellow flowers that bloom in spring. In England, they are more familiar with the name jonquils. Daffodils symbolize freshness. Once decorated in the house, they tend to bring hope and encouragement to any grieving or sad person. These pretty flowers have many meanings to it. It mainly stands for forgiveness, forthrightness and honesty.

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34. Sweet Pea

beautiful flowers in the world

Sweet pea is yet another most beautiful flower with a delicate and sweet scent. It is widely used in cosmetics. Henry Eckford discovered & promoted this small flower. It symbolizes thanks and heavenly pleasure.

33. Lavender


Meet the most expensive flower that is used by many most chefs around the world – Lavender. These flowers are spiky with elegant stems and multiple florets. They come in various colors like blue, violet and light purple. They are pretty popular for their smell, appearance and size. These beautiful flowers represents silence, luck, devotion and purity.

32. Corpse Flower

most beautiful flowers in the world

Corpse Flower is scientifically called “Rafflesia arnoldii” & is found only in low-lying rainforests, which are scattered among different Indonesian islands. It is the world’s biggest flower too.

31. Plumeria

most beautiful flowers in the world

This beautiful flower is more popularly called Frangipani. It is native to Central America, Brazil and Caribbean. Plumeria has the ability to grow even in tropical & sub-tropical climates with very little water. If watered excess, root system may get rot and lack of water can easily dry it. Hence you need to handle it carefully. This flower has 4 different species

  • Plumeria Alba
  • Plumeria pudica
  • Plumeria obtuse
  • Plumeria rubra

Out of the above 4, “Plumeria Alba” has the sweetest smell. It has white leaves & a clear yellow center. Apart from its sweet smell, it is even edible & can be consumed as fritters whereas its wood can be utilized in making natural laxatives. The “Plumeria rubra” is different from other Plumeria species, which usually ranges between the colors red & pink.

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30. Dianthus

the most beautiful flower in the world

These red and pink miniatures has won my heart. So, no wonder they had to be on my list. This is one of the best pictures of beautiful flowers. These are called “Dianthus” and are like small wonders. These are native to Southern Europe & few Asian regions. It has over 300-species. The name “Dianthus” comes from 2 Greek words – Dios (means god) & Anthos (means flower). They are seen growing in clusters, each with a diameter of about 2-cm to 3-cm. They come in exclusive colors like pink, purple, red and even white.

29. Magnolia

most beautiful flowers in the world

When it comes down to the most beautiful flowers in the world, Magnolia often makes it up. There are over 200 species of Magnolia & is known to have existed since 95-million years. This flower is named after a popular French botanist named “Pierre Magnol”. It has a great fragrance and is a sign of femininity. Many women prefer even Magnolia perfumes.

28. Chrysanthemum

beautiful flowers pictures

This is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Adorably called crysanths or mums, Chrysanthemum is been named after linking 2 Greek words — chyros (gold) & anthemon (flower). This wonderful flower belongs to Asterceae family & comes in varied shades like white, pink and yellow. These are native to Northeastern European and Asian countries. This intricate huge flower can grow about 50 to 150-cm long.

27. Hydrangea

pictures of beautiful flowers

Doesn’t its blue petals look splendid? This is truly nature’s most beautiful flower in the world. It is called “Hydrangea”.  It comes from genus of over 70-flowering plants and is native to America, Eastern Asia and Southern Asia. You will be interested in reading the fact that “Faial Island” in Portugal was rechristened to “The Blue Island”, only because it had lot of Hydrangeas on it.

Hydrangea basically come in 2 types

  • Mophead
  • Lacecap


Lacecap = These kinds of hydrangeas are usually round

Mophead = These kinds of hydrangeas have flat heads, subdued by glorious similitude

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26. Water Lily

most beautiful flowers in the world

Beautiful flower pictures are endless but this particular one is special. This pretty flower is called “Water Lily”. As the name implies, this is an aquatic plant with white lily pads. You can see them in 3 varieties

  • Nelumbo = otherwise called Lotus
  • Nymphaeaceae = otherwise called common waterlily
  • Nuphar Lutea = otherwise called Yellow Water-Lily

25. Orchid

different types of flowers

This beautiful flower has over 23000 species and has its name derived from a Greek legend – “Orchis (son of elf)”. Long ago, there was a day when he (Orchis) came to “Dionysus” festival. In his drunken condition, he raped temple’s priestess. As a punishment, the gods tore him but his father pleaded for mercy, where he was restored as this flower. These were originally known as Orchis but as generations passed, people started calling them “Orchids” for some reasons.